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For many reasons people put goods into storage, for example, lack of space, in between moving and stock storage for businesses. Storage is not always a manned facilitywith 24 hour CCTV, it can also be an empty room, office, house, container, unit space or garage. Whenever your assets or goods are placed in storage whatever type it may be, their security is immediately at risk as the goods are now out of your control. When there are multiply key holders or staff that have access, it becomes even more difficult to identify when goods have gone missing, or to ascertain who was responsible at the time. If you used a shared facility then any number of people could have access to your roperty via the communal areas. Let’s not forget the most common threat of burglary.


Using our Asset Tracking device will allow you to relax in the knowledge that you have protection in place whilst your property is not under your control. Place our device or devices in your required goods, pallets, boxes, etc. Even conceal one on the door to alert you of the door being opened; it is that sensitive and accurate.We will allocate a unique device number to each of your specific goods or boxes to allow you to know exactly which items are being moved.
Once you have set the motion detection alert,you can relax with peace of mind that you are protected, and will only need to take action if you are alerted to movement from the device(s). The geo fence can be set up to a radius of 60 miles, and have multiple zones. Setting a fence around the storage facility you will be alerted to the device leaving or entering the zone, or both, depending on any settings you chosen. This can be useful for when goods leave one location for example: your shop,and are taken to the storage facility. Informing you when they left and when they arrive. These functions not only save on battery life but also remove the need to constantly monitor your devices.


If any stock or goods are moved without your knowledge or consent, our real-time tracking allows you to follow your property every step of the way. If items are stolen, from the safety of your office or home you can provide a report to the relevant authorities to ensure the safe and swift return of your property.

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