Car Crime: The Facts

XNet Security Technologies in Association with the Law Enforcement Agencies have highlighted some breathtaking facts about car theft:

  • Virtually one car is stolen every second somewhere in the world.
  • Most are never recovered and those that are recovered are likely to be badly damaged or beyond repair.
  • Vehicle crime is the single biggest category of all recorded crime.

The statistics show only too clearly that the chances of your vehicle being stolen are high, whilst the chances of a successful recovery are low.

Thieves are becoming more organised and ruthless, with professional thieves stealing cars like yours to order. Vehicles are often shipped abroad, identity changed or broken down into parts. Modern day alarms provide no more than superficial protection, despite the best efforts of the vehicle manufacturers. No one can guarantee that your vehicle will not be stolen. However when you fit a VSecure Stolen Vehicle Recovery system, you can ensure that if the unthinkable should happen we get it back fast and with less chance of serious damage. We will return your vehicle to you, possibly before you even realise it's been stolen.

Armed robbers, like any other criminals are opportunistic, they prey on ignorance.
Points to remember:
  • 1. Always be alert near gates, driveways or garages. Look out for suspicious people, vehicles and loiterers when leaving or arriving at your home or business.

  • 2. Be on the look-out for suspicious people when stopping at stop signs or traffic lights, or while driving in city traffic, especially in quiet areas or at night.

  • 3.Do not respond to people indicating that there is something wrong with your vehicle whilst you are driving. Drive to the nearest garage or safe place, like a police station.

  • 4. If your vehicle breaks down, if possible, drive on to a safe place. Do not wait for other motorists to come to your assistance. Use your mobile phone to contact emergency services for assistance.

  • 5. Beware of people asking for directions, especially in parking areas.

  • 6. Make sure that you are not followed to and from your home or business, and if you are followed, go to the nearest police station, or to a place where there are many people. Avoid quiet streets or areas.

  • 7. If you are robbed, try to remember as much detail regarding the armed robbers as possible, such as registration numbers, clothing, distinguishing features, etc. Contact the emergency services as soon as possible.

  • 8. Remember, if you are hijacked, don't resist, your life is more valuable than the most expensive car

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Total Value of Recoveries : N1,670,250,000

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