Fleet Management

Due to the lack of a reliable rail system in Nigeria, the majority of the country's goods and service supplies provided by companies must be transported by road, which in Nigeria can be hazardous at the best of times. In addition, due to lack of opportunity and the current economic situation in the country, there is a very high perception that unscrupulous drivers utilise the vehicles in their charge for purposes other than those listed as part of their duties for the company. Therefore, there is a great need to monitor the manner in which the vehicles are being driven, and where they are, at all times.

We know that managing a fleet is a complex job, you need to improve safety, keep costs down, and worry about driver acceptance all at the same time. We can help. DriveRight is a field-proven solution, currently in use in multiple fleets around the world. As a distribution partner of DriveRight, our fleet management team are equipped give you the tools and the information you need. Using Streamline, the ease of downloading data to DriveRight is at the click of your mouse button.

Optional extras include access not only to all the GPS data recorded in DriveRight, but also live, real-time location data over the internet. So if you want to know the position of a vehicle now, a simple click and the information will be immediately available. In addition to still keeping all the GPS history in your DriveRight software.

We can offer one of the worlds most advanced driver behaviour modules available on any vehicle tracking platform. This module permits you to rate their drivers ccording to their driving behaviour and correct their driving behaviour accordingly. With this rating it can used for remuneration purposes or simply identifying the best performing in your fleet. This solution also combines the ability to monitor the vehicles fuel consumption, accident reconstruction, and schedule vehicle maintenance.

The solutions we offer provide visibility of your vehicles anywhere in Nigeria and allow you to curtail abuse by drivers. This technology makes use of the GPS/GPRS and GPS/GSM platforms, using the backbone of one of the most reliable and fastest growing Africa cellular operators.

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